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All products and services are operated and owned by Baker Billy and affiliated with Billy Norman, Baker Billy Cakes, Sconeology, Billy The Baker. This website ( is only to be used for information, orders, inquiries, contact information, and mailing lists. Baker Billy is not to be used for 3rd party marketing, soliciting or personal entertainment. All photos are owned by Baker Billy and may not be used without permission. Sharing of is ok as long as it is not intended to be spam or misused in any way by falsely advertising or abusive sharing. By viewing and its pages, you agree to these terms and conditions. 
By subscribing to the Baker Billy Mailing List, you agree that you are submitting your own personal email address, to be used as a notification tool with updates of products and services. Any misuse of this subscription service will lead to being removed, blocked and your name and email address being reported.
The listed Terms and Conditions may be changed at the discretion of Baker Billy (Billy Norman) at any time. 

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