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Scones Daily Menu

Please choose your quantity and favorite scone flavor(s).
Orders must be placed no later than 6pm the day before.

Flavor descriptions are listed at the bottom of this page

Scones Online Order Form

Scones are sold in quantities of 6 or 12

Mix and Match your favorite flavors

Scones $20 for 6 / $40 for 12

All orders must be fully paid before they are made

*orders must be placed by 6pm the day before desired pickup

*Credit Card payments accepted and will incur a 3% processing fee for orders over $50.

Flavor Descriptions
Apple Crumble - chunks of Fuji apples with a touch of cinnamon, topped with a butter, flour, sugar crumble 
Banana Pecan Honey - freshly sliced bananas and chopped pecans, topped with a honey glaze
Maple - 100% pure maple syrup and housemade maple extract. topped with maple icing
Maple Bacon Pecan - made same as the Maple scone, with added chopped bacon and chopped pecans
Blueberry Citrus - fresh blueberries, housemade lemon and orange extracts, topped with a lemon icing
Lemon - made with 100% real lemon juice, housemade lemon extract, topped with lemon icing
Bacon Jalapeno Cheese - fully cooked bacon, chopped fresh jalapeno, topped with a blend of shredded cheese
Bacon Chive - fully cooked bacon and freshly chopped chives
Almond - filled with almond paste, and topped with sliced almonds, finished with icing drizzle

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